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Mission: Our Cardiovascular Effort

Shreis Scalene Cardiotech LLC is focused on helping people whose lives are jeopardized by cardiac disease. To this end, we intend to be  a  world-class business, bringing to market a non-invasive medical device  that will aid the physician in the  early detection of Cardiovascular Disease in an accurate, cost effective and efficient manner. Shreis has a strong medical technology orientation and firmly believes this would lead it to its quest for Engineering Solutions to Human Problems. To provide you with as much information as possible to carry out your task, we are here to measure what is measurable and to make measurable what is not so. 

Non-Invasive Cardiovascular Cartography

3-D Vasculography

Medical devices and products need to go through clinical studies and regulatory reviews before they are commercially released. Different countries having different requirements before a product is approved for market. While Haemoseis (earlier Haemotron) is available in some countries, in the USA, we are now about to start clinical trials.  Once approved by FDA, Haemoseis will be available commercially in the United States.

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