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Scalene Cybernetics Ltd
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Shreis Scalene Cardiotech LLC

Shreis Scalene Cardiotech LLC. is a privately held medical device company that has partnered with  Scalene Cybernetics, Bengaluru, India and is focused on the development and commercialization of  the Haemoseis-256 (3D Vasculography) system for the non-invasive study of blood flow dynamics, pulmonary dynamics and renal flow.  There is no question that we understand what cardiac health means to the individual, which is why we focus on an extensive study of a patients cardiovascular status so that we can provide the health care provider with as much information as possible in the care of their patients.

At Shreis Scalene Cardiotech, we understand that the future of competitive business is in the ability to swiftly adapt fast changing technologies to the future needs of the medical faculty and their patients. We have developed a core of personnel resources capable of supplementing these needs in the area of medical device diagnostics. All licenses and agreements pertaining to the Haemoseis-256 has been assigned by Shreis Cardiotech to Shreis Scalene Cardiotech LLC.


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