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And to assist medical professionals in the diagnosis and management of CAD, AMI, Myocardial Oxygen demand/supply parity, global myocardial blood flow deficiency. Many of the 20 million and more chest pain patients reporting to hospital emergency rooms each year cannot be diagnosed with standard non-invasive methodologies and would benefit from one of a series of imaging procedures to diagnose or rule out CAD, AMI etc. Early and accurate diagnosis of these patients will enable the appropriate administration of therapeutic solutions, but will also assure more appropriate use of health care resources. Beyond its value as a diagnostic tool, HaemoSeis-256 can provide essential information during treatment and recovery processes. 

   Mass Evaluation        Risk Stratification        Ischemia Evaluation        Control of therapeutic drugs        Accurate differential diagnosis of acute chest pain        Evaluation of PTCA, stent implantation, CABG        Neonatal circulatory status and neonatal circulatory adaptation        Pre-operative patient evaluation in non-cardiac surgeries        Optimal programming of pacemakers        Forecast signals & early detection of pulmonary edema  and  LV   failure        Establishment of fluid overloads during dialysis and  plasmapheresis        Post AMI, PTCA and CABG rehabilitation         Assess global myocardial blood flow after PTCA and CABG        To assess the ANS predominance

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