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The Test

(For Physician use - In countries where Hamoseis-256 is approved)


l  CCG is a tetrapolar lead system with  paired inner electrodes
l   2 Pairs of measuring electrodes
l   2 pairs of generating electrodes
l   4 EKG electrodes
l   Vertical Acceleration Detector (VAD)

l Measuring electrodes are placed on either side of the supraclavicular fossa just above the level of the  suprasternal notch, and along the midaxillary line at the level of the xiphoid. The distance between the two pairs is the electrode distance

l    Generating electrodes are placed about 5-8 cms (3 in) on outer side of measuring electrodes

l The electrodes are placed after the skin had been gently swabbed with alcohol. Leads for the electro- cardiogram are placed on the right and the left pectore areas and on the right and the left lower quadrants of the abdomen. The lead (I, II, III) that gives the best definition of the QRS complex is used for computation.

l The low-bandwidth Cardio Subsonics  (10 Hz to 200 Hz) is recorded using a special narrow bandwidth Piezo vertical acceleration Detector (VAD), attached using double sided adhesive placed along the left sternal border at a site where the second heart sound is loudest.(maximum amplitude)
l    Finally, the arterial blood pressure is obtained using an automatic continuous NIBP




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